… honouring the past and
present at the same time”


This is your brand, this is your discovery. Recognise heritage and learn that by standing on the shoulders of giants, you can see further than the giant. Together we can peer from its shoulder into the future of design, fashion and street wear. That was then, this is now. The 90’z are back, but let’s not celebrate nostalgia, let’s not dwell on the past. With youthful energy and contemporary designs we bring you sophisticated clothing and streetwear, brought to you by a brand that respects its roots but avoids becoming entangled by them, for the future is now. How often is it that you hear the word classic being used? They say that there is no new design under the sun and that originality is a distant memory and that’s were 90z Back Prime comes in. This is 90z Back Prime, contemporary design coupled with functionality and quality – your go-to brand. Feel the benefit of high quality material and see the future of street wear with next level ergonomic designs that provide comfort and style.


We are not your typical retail store,
we like to switch it up by entertaining our customers with the 90ZBACK vibe which is...upbeat energy, warm customer service, the dopest music and the best selection of products curated in the most minimal way. By that, making the shopping experience smooth, enjoyable and unforgettable.


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